one brush stroke at a time…

one brush stroke at a time…

At the moment, I’m tackling a bunch of large canvases at once for an upcoming show. I am rotating between eight to twelve canvases that are 30×30 and 30×40 in dimension. Usually, I work in smaller pieces or 2-3 large canvases at once so needless to say, it’s been a very fun challenge, very improvisational and exciting, but also easy to get overwhelming. To keep things manageable, I am focusing on one brush stroke, one idea, one canvas at a time. The canvas in front of me at any given time is my beloved creation waiting to come forth into the world. We are in a collaboration and my part is to bring forth what it is meant to become so in those moments, I think only of it and what it wants. I play the kind of music it would want, I am mindful of smiling instead of furrowing my brows in concentration, and I focus on being light on my feet and nimble in my arms down to my fingertips. It’s actually a lot of physical work and concentration.

There is no room for my mind to drift.

I must be fully present in the moment with that painting.

This is my practice.

I’m kinda loving it.

My paintings love my undivided attention too.

I know it sounds silly… but it’s very real.



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