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why, hello there.

Welcome to my corner of the web. I’m Sophia Moon, abstract artist and singer-songwriter. My art, like my music and writing, is an ongoing personal/spiritual dialogue with energy, creativity, and curiosity. I dabble in mixed media works—primarily ink, watercolor, acrylic, charcoal, pastels, etc. I draw my inspiration from the juxtaposition of nature in the city (trees, rocks, cracks in sidewalks, a sunset through a barbwire fence, cityscapes, urban textures/grit) as well as the intangible energies of human spirit, character, and resilience.

When I’m not creating my own art, I work as a creative consultant and personal creative coach. I cultivate creative play through weekly Music + Art Labs for toddlers at Essem Art Studio,  and serve as Host of CreativeMornings/Boston, a free monthly breakfast lecture series for the vibrant local creative community. See a theme here? I believe that all humans harness creative energy. I believe in building authentic relationships. I believe in the power of art, music, and storytelling as a means of self expression and connecting with one another. I value real talk over small talk; and genuine acts of kindness. These beliefs are at the core of my personal and professional pursuits.


If you are interested in commissioning art, collaborating, or connecting, please say hello! 🙂


Essem Art Studio

Charlestown Commerce Center | Building 2
50 Terminal Street Suite #318
Charlestown, MA 02129

Contact: Sophia Moon
tel: (617) 767-1020
email: hello@essemartstudio.com