• me on studio steps

why, hello there.

Hi There, I’m Sophia Moon, a Multi-Passionate Creative (abstract artist, writer, and musician). When I’m making art, I like to work with a jumble of mediums—primarily ink, watercolor, acrylic, charcoal, pastels, etc.  I draw inspiration from the colors, textures, patterns, and shapes around me, and love to experiment and arrange these different components in fun and interesting ways.

In addition to pursuing my personal art and expression, I am the Chief JoyMaker at Essem Art Studio, where the mission is to spark joy and inspire creativity in little artists (as young as 18 months), families, and beginning artists of all ages. I also serve as Host of CreativeMornings/Boston, a free monthly breakfast lecture series for the vibrant local creative community.

The common thread here is a core belief that all humans harness creative energy, at all ages, stages, and abilities.


If you are interested in commissioning art, collaborating, or connecting, please say hello! 🙂